What is ABA Therapy?

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy has traditionally held the status of the “gold standard” for addressing Autism Spectrum Disorder in children and young adults. It is also highly effective for individuals dealing with behavior and language challenges, self-help skill delays, and developmental disorders.

This method of behavioral therapy is known for its wide-reaching impact on children and young adults. It focuses on reinforcing positive behaviors while addressing and mitigating problematic ones, ultimately promoting success in behavior, attitude, learning, and overall functioning.

Kidz Companion provides in-home behavioral therapy for children (ages 9 months–12 years) and young adults (ages 13–21 years) with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other developmental disorders.

ABA therapy is all about helping kids on the autism spectrum do better. It uses the science of how behavior and learning work in real-life situations to make sure things turn out positively. The main aim is to help these kids learn new skills and reduce any behaviors that might be hurting them or getting in the way of learning.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality ABA care possible. We follow an individualized approach for every child, nurturing their self-expression through hands-on learning, open communication, and our unwavering optimism, guiding each child toward progress and growth.

We provide personalized, one-on-one therapy for your child or young adult, focusing on three key areas: (1) addressing negative or maladaptive behaviors that impede learning, growth, and personal development, (2) enhancing cognitive, social, and personal skills, and (3) elevating overall functioning by introducing, integrating, and sustaining new skills and behaviors within the home or school environment.

The ABA therapy process begins with a tailored assessment that helps us identify the strengths, weaknesses, functional levels, and underlying causes of problematic behavior in your child or young adult.  ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior operates in order to devise a personalized behavior treatment plan that can be implemented by amplifying positive behaviors and reducing negative ones that hinder learning or well-being.

The ABA therapy approach accentuates positive behaviors while simultaneously tackling problematic ones that could obstruct the path to success in behavior, attitude, learning, and functioning at an appropriate level.

Parent & Family Coaching: We firmly believe that parents and family play a pivotal role in the effectiveness of the behavior plan. Their engagement shouldn’t be from afar. In fact, the treatment plan and its advantages are designed not only to enhance the child or young adult’s behavior but also to unite parents and family members into a cohesive unit.

One-on-One Therapy: Once our services are approved, an ABA specialist (Lead Analyst) will visit the home to conduct an assessment and to gain a sense of the family dynamic. The Lead Analyst then collaborates with an ABA-trained therapist to develop the best plan of treatment. Each child and young adult will work with an ABA-trained therapist (RBT) in the home and provide weekly progress reports. Our array of services may be covered by private insurance, Florida Medicaid Waiver or private pay.

Medicaid Certification: Our ABA services are certified by Medicaid throughout the state of Florida. This means that, once approved, our services will be fully covered.