Parent & Family Coaching

Parent & Family Coaching.
We get how tough it can be for parents trying to support their kids dealing with ASD. The never-ending loop of frustration, resentment, and anxiety can feel even worse. It’s not like parents are to blame, but handling all those behavioral, mental, cognitive, and developmental challenges alone is a lot to ask.

This is where Kidz Companion steps in and steps up.

When a parent or guardian has a child or young adult with ASD or other, often related, development disorders, there is a constant state of worry and confusion that wars against any sense of hope.

First, we’re not here to question your parenting skills or your abilities to cope. And we’re certainly not here to help you blame yourself because you’re not to blame. You have questions; we’re here to help you with answers. You have concerns, we’re here to help you manage those concerns. 

Whether your child or young adult appears to have developmental delays; or whether there are behavioral issues in the home or school, or whether you have received an ASD diagnosis, we are here to help you navigate through the maze of ASD and coach you through the ABA therapy process because both your role and your family’s role is critical to your child’s comprehensive treatment plan.

ABA therapy is one of the most effective resources to benefit your child or young adult, but those benefits are greatly optimized by the active role played in the behavioral treatment plan by parents, guardians, family members and professionals with direct access to the child or young adult.

Our behavioral specialists work with parents to ensure full understanding and to help develop and prioritize learning goals. Our specialists also provide training and support for siblings and extended family as ABA is as much for family members to help to learn more effective ways to communicate with the child or young adult.